ABOUT SILK SISTERS – Blouses for now and always


Silk Sisters is a Munich-based blouse and dress label that offers sustainably produced luxury quality at fair prices.

Our designs are timeless classics that dissociate themselves from the existing fast fashion system and instead meet the requirements of the “perfect piece”. We want to design blouses and dresses for you that will be valuable staples in your wardrobe, which is why we do not limit ourselves by season, trend or occasion. Instead, we produce high-quality blouses with timeless cuts and colours which, with the right care, you can keep combining with your existing wardrobe year after year.

We have our collections produced by small companies in Portugal and the Czech Republic that are personally known to us. We attach a lot of value to fair working conditions and support the women who are involved in the creation of our blouses and dresses. The “Sisters” in our name is supposed to highlight the female power that is behind each individual design: Women define the Silk Sisters blouses from the design to the finished product, which you can buy from us in the online shop or at our many retailers.

From the design processes to the seamstresses and the fabric suppliers, through to the managers of the production facilities, Silk Sisters is a company that prioritises sister love. We ensure that all the employees have regulated working hours, are covered by social security, receive fair wages and can thus support their families. Our employees have put their heart and soul into every blouse and every dress from Silk Sisters, which are produced by women for women – and you can sense that when you wear them!

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