Blouse washing instructions: the Silk Sisters care manual


Our Silk Sisters blouses and dresses are important to us! Therefore, we want you to be able to enjoy each garment for a long time. We have several reasons for this: your customer satisfaction, our focus on sustainability and the Silk Sisters product commitment to high quality. To achieve this, we have put together a few helpful care tips for you. If you look after our long blouses, shirt dresses and blouse-style T-shirts correctly, this will provide the optimal conditions to ensure that your favourite garment looks as good as new after every washing cycle. In the washing instructions for the various Silk Sisters blouses, we distinguish between the materials cotton with a Lycra content, viscose and silk.


Washing instructions for blouses made of cotton with a Lycra content


If you take a look at the material label of our Silk Sisters cotton blouses, you will notice that the models contain some Lycra. But why is that the case? It is quite simple: the elastic material improves the fit and the comfort of our blouses and dresses. Thus, every garment lies pleasantly on your skin and responds to your movements, without losing its shape and elasticity.

Temperature: Unlike pure cotton, please do not wash blouses with a Lycra content at temperatures higher than 30°C and always use a gentle cycle because the synthetic fibres break when the temperature is too high.

Detergents: Always use a liquid mild detergent for the washing cycle. Washing powders containing chlorine are not suitable because they can cause unnecessary damage to the fine material of our Silk Sisters blouses. Do not use a fabric softener – instead, add a few drops of clear vinegar when washing your blouses. This helps to preserve the elasticity of the garment for the long term.

Washing cycle: Only spin high-quality Silk Sisters blouses made of cotton with a Lycra content on a low programme, or ideally dispense with the spin cycle altogether. Clothing with a Lycra content can easily lose its shape due to the fast movement of the drum.

Drying: Cotton blouses with a Lycra content must not be put in the dryer. Ideally, you should lie your Silk Sisters blouse out to dry or hang it on a wide, soft hanger. This holds the shape and prevents creases at the same time.

Ironing: You can iron our blouse models at a maximum temperature of 110°C (1 dot on the iron).


Washing instructions for blouses made of viscose


Viscose is a fibre that is made of wood cellulose. The material is often also referred to as “artificial silk” or known under the name “rayon”. Viscose is a very sensitive material that must be washed precisely according to the instructions. Therefore, please pay attention to the care label and do not practise your love of experimenting when washing our Silk Sisters blouses and dresses.

Temperature: You can generally wash your Silk Sisters viscose blouse at 30°C in the washing machine.
Detergents: You should treat viscose blouses with a liquid mild detergent, in order to go easy on the fine fibres of the material.

Washing cycle: The gentle or delicate cycle with a low spinning speed is perfect for washing your Silk Sisters viscose blouse. To avoid damage to the fabric, the blouses should not be washed together with jeans or other rough garments with zips. Our tip: You should ideally use a separate laundry net for viscose dresses and blouses.

Drying: After the washing cycle, carefully shake out the garment and hang it up dripping wet. Never wring out a blouse made of viscose, as the fine fibres could tear. Do not put textiles made of viscose in the dryer and do not place them on the radiator.

Ironing: When ironing a Silk Sisters blouse made of viscose, place a towel between the iron and the garment and iron it from the left at Level 2 (max. 150°C) when it is still damp.


Washing instructions for silk blouses


The luxurious feel of a silk blouse on the skin is something quite special. Silk is a natural, fine fibre that is extracted from the cocoon of a silk worm and thus primarily consists of proteins. Like a prima donna, the precious material requires gentle care. We will tell you what you should pay attention to when washing and drying a Silk Sisters silk blouse. For each garment, always also take a look at the clothing label and the care instructions.

Temperature: Please wash the Silk Sisters silk blouses at a cold temperature of 20°C up to max. 30°C.
Detergents: A gentle liquid detergent for wool and silk is suitable for silk garments. Always wash the entire garment, in order to prevent water stains and edges on the blouse. Stain removers should be avoided under all circumstances. The reason for this is the aggressive ingredients that may damage the fine material of the silk blouses and ruin the entire garment.

Washing cycle: You should wash a Silk Sisters silk blouse by hand or in a gentle cycle in your washing machine. The model should not be spun because the fine fabric may be damaged. A silk blouse that smells of smoke, for example, must not be washed straightaway. If it is hung outside in the shade for a few hours, the silk will clean itself due to its natural properties and does not have to undergo the strain of a washing cycle.

Drying: Our silk blouses should never be put in the dryer. Instead, carefully press out the silk blouse in a hand towel after the washing cycle and ideally leave the material to dry in the open air out of the sunlight.

Ironing: It is possible to iron our silk blouses up to Level 2 (max. 150°C) The clothing should be rotated to the left and ironed without pressure. A steam iron is also suitable for the gentle care of the blouses.

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