Blouses Washing instructions:

The Silk Sisters ABC of Care

Our Silk Sisters blouses and dresses are close to our hearts. That’s why we want you to enjoy every piece for a long time. We have several reasons for this: first and foremost your customer satisfaction, our focus on sustainability and the Silk Sisters product promise for high quality. To help you achieve this, we have put together a few helpful care tips for you. The right care for our long blouses, blouse dresses and blouse shirts ensures optimal conditions so that your favourite piece looks like new after every wash. The washing instructions for the various Silk Sisters blouses distinguish between cotton, linen, silk and cellulose-based fabrics.

Washing instructions for blouses
of cotton

Our cotton meets the requirements of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The BCI is a non-profit organisation that aims to reform global cotton production. With better conditions for the people who produce it and more gentle on the environment in which the cotton grows. The raw material is selected, spun, woven and finished according to strict criteria by Somelos Tecidos S.A., a long-established yet technologically advanced, traditional Portuguese company. Sorting: We advise you to always sort your laundry by type and colour (e.g. coarse items such as jeans separately from fine blouses or coloured shirts separately from white shirts). Detergent: It is best to use colour or mild detergent for the wash cycle. Washing powders containing chlorine are only suitable for white laundry, as they can attack the fine material and colours of our Silk Sisters blouses. You can do without fabric softener as it is harmful to the environment and not necessary for the actual washing and cleaning process. Temperature: Pure cotton is hard-wearing and comparatively easy to care for, but the wrong care can damage the robust cotton fibres. Cotton should not automatically be washed at high temperatures. A look at the care label will tell you the maximum washing temperature. Never wash Silk Sister’s cotton blouses and dresses at temperatures hotter than 40°C and preferably on the delicate cycle. Washing cycle: Don’t fill the drum completely, this will reduce creasing and make ironing easier. The laundry should be spun at a maximum of 1000 revolutions. Drying: For the sake of the environment, please do not use a tumble dryer. It is better for the fibres if cotton dries in the open air. After washing, carefully shake out the clothes and hang them on a wide hanger. Or you can let your Silk Sisters blouse dry lying flat on a towel. This keeps the shape and prevents wrinkles at the same time. Ironing: You can iron our cotton blouses and dresses on level 2 (in the upper area of the 2 points on the iron, corresponding to about 165 °C). It is ideal if the fabric is still slightly damp, this makes it easier to iron out wrinkles.
Silk Sisters - Care Instructions

Washing instructions for blouses
from fabrics made of cellulose

The primary raw material for the production of our vegan fabrics is cellulose. Depending on the manufacturing process, the fibres are made from sustainably harvested beech wood (Modal and Lyocell from the Austrian manufacturer Lenzing) or obtained from cotton linter (Cupro), which is processed in an energy self-sufficient way using the water-saving Bemberg process. All these fabrics are biodegradable and compostable and are produced at Riopele – one of the oldest textile companies in Portugal and an international reference in the development and production of innovative and sustainable fashion fabrics. Fabrics made from cellulose fibres are often compared to real silk due to their beautiful drape, luxurious look and comfortable feel on the skin, and must be treated with care. In any case, you should follow the instructions on the label, then you will enjoy a garment made of vegan fibres for a long time. Temperature: You can usually wash your vegan Silk Sisters blouses at 30°C in the washing machine. Detergent: Blouses made of Modal, Lyocell or Cupro should be treated with a mild detergent made of mild surfactants to protect the fine fibres of the material. Washing cycle: The gentle or delicate wash cycle with a low spin speed is ideal. To protect the fabric, do not wash blouses with jeans or other coarse garments with zips. Our tip: It is best to use a separate washing net for dresses and blouses made of Modal, Lyocell or Cupro. Drying: After washing, carefully shake out the garment and hang it up dripping wet. Never wring out a blouse made of Modal, Lyocell or Cupro, as the fine fibres could tear. Also, do not put the garments in the dryer or on the heater. Iron: When ironing, place a cloth between the iron and the garment and iron from the left while still damp on level 2 (in the lower area of the 2 points on the iron, corresponding to about 130 °C).
Silk Sisters - Care Instructions

Washing instructions for blouses
of silk

The luxurious feel of a silk blouse on the skin is something very special. Silk is a natural, fine fibre that is extracted from the cocoons of the silkworm and thus consists mainly of proteins. Like a noble diva, the precious material demands gentle care. A silk blouse that smells of smoke, for example, does not have to be washed straight away. Hanging in the shade for a few hours in the fresh air, silk cleans itself due to its natural properties and does not need to be stressed by a wash cycle. Here we tell you what you should look out for when washing and drying a Silk Sisters blouse made of silk. Always check the label and care instructions before washing any garment. Temperature: Wash Silk Sisters silk blouses cold at 20°C to max. 30°C (please refer to the care label). Detergent: A gentle detergent for wool and silk works well for silk garments. Always wash the whole garment to avoid water spots and rims on the blouse. Stain removers are taboo and should be avoided at all costs. This is because of the aggressive ingredients that can damage the fine material of silk blouses and ruin the entire garment. Washing: Silk Sisters silk blouses should be washed by hand or on the delicate cycle of the washing machine. Please ensure that the spin speed is low (max. 800 revolutions). Modern machines have a silk wash cycle with an automatic low spin speed. Drying: Our silk blouses should never be put in the dryer. Instead, carefully press out the silk blouse in a towel after the wash cycle and let the material air dry, preferably lying down and out of sunlight. Ironing: Our silk blouses can be ironed up to level 2 (max. 150 °C). The garment should be turned inside out and ironed without pressure. A steam iron is also suitable for gentle care of the blouses.
Silk Sisters - Care Instructions

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Body Size Chart

This table refers to your body measurements, not to the dimensions of the respective article! Please also pay attention to the note “fit” in the item description. 

The actual measurements of the blouses and dresses are always at least 2 cm wider than the maximum values given in the body measurements table. Wide styles such as tunics or boxy blouses can also be much wider than the maximum value given in the body measurement chart.

Example: If your chest circumference is 97 cm, then the models in size M will fit you.

Find the right size with our Silk Sisters size guide
Blouses and dresses
This is how you measure correctly: Put the tape measure on the largest circumference, tighten the tape just enough so that it does not constrict.
A Chest circumference B Waist circumference C Hip circumference
Size Chest circumference Waist circumference Hip circumference
XS 34 83 - 88 cm 69 -74 cm 90 - 95 cm
S 36-38 89 - 94 cm 75 - 80 cm 96 - 102 cm
M 38-40 95 - 100 cm 81 - 86 cm 102 - 107 cm
L 42 101 - 106 cm 87 - 92 cm 108 - 113 cm
XL 44 107 - 112 cm 93 98 cm 114 - 119 cm
XXL 46 113 - 118 cm 99 104 cm 120 - 125 cm
3XL 48 119 - 124 cm 105 - 110 cm 126 - 131 cm