Contemporary Basics:
sustainable materials for our shirt blouses and dresses

Natural raw materials and sustainable materials are the basis of the Silk Sisters collections. We are constantly researching and looking for innovative materials as well as producers who are committed to the topic of ecological production in order to become even better, even more sustainable and to be able to offer even more beautiful qualities.

Certified cotton

Silk Sisters cotton meets the requirements of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) – a non-profit organisation that aims to make global cotton production better – both for the people who produce it and the environment in which it grows. It does this through comprehensive development and education programmes to minimise the harmful effects of pesticides and crop protection products, promote the responsible use of water, care for soil health, use land responsibly, maintain the quality of cotton fibre and promote decent work. The cotton is spun, woven and finished according to Ökotex Standard 100 by Somelos Tecidos S.A., a long-established and at the same time technologically highly modern Portuguese company.
Silk Sisters - shirt blouses and dresses made from sustainable materials

Wonder material silk

The silk industry has a tradition dating back over 5000 years, which has hardly changed in principle from planting to breeding, spooling the silk and weaving. For our Silk Sisters blouses and dresses, we source 100% pure silk fabric that has been tested for harmful substances from the renowned silk trader Uwant in Chonging. Both strong and stretchy, silk is a fantastic natural product and perfect for everyday business wear. It can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling damp. Silk is supple and feels like a second skin. Silk’s isothermal function means that it cools comfortably in hot weather and feels cosy and warm against the skin in cooler temperatures. Silk is not susceptible to mould and moths and, with regular airing, needs surprisingly little washing. The natural elasticity of our silk models is created without artificial admixtures – the special weave “Crepe de Chine” alone makes the fabric so flexible and wonderfully supple.
Silk Sisters - shirt blouses and dresses made from sustainable materials

Sustainable viscose: TENCEL™ / LYOCELL

Silk Sisters consistently sources sustainable materials – such as the natural fibre known as Lyocell from Lenzing, the leading renewable resources company based in Austria. The wood fibres from which the yarns are spun come from certified sustainably managed forests. Lenzing’s strict guidelines guarantee an environmentally conscious, closed-loop manufacturing process with very little ecological impact. This production method guarantees a traceable and absolutely sustainable approach and thus makes the fibre an excellent environmentally friendly material. A particularly nice side effect: blouses and dresses made of lyocell are extremely skin-friendly and soft on the skin thanks to their smooth structure, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. They are breathable, practically non-iron and biodegradable.
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Body Size Chart

This table refers to your body measurements, not to the dimensions of the respective article! Please also pay attention to the note “fit” in the item description. 

The actual measurements of the blouses and dresses are always at least 2 cm wider than the maximum values given in the body measurements table. Wide styles such as tunics or boxy blouses can also be much wider than the maximum value given in the body measurement chart.

Example: If your chest circumference is 97 cm, then the models in size M will fit you.

Find the right size with our Silk Sisters size guide
Blouses and dresses
This is how you measure correctly: Put the tape measure on the largest circumference, tighten the tape just enough so that it does not constrict.
A Chest circumference B Waist circumference C Hip circumference
Size Chest circumference Waist circumference Hip circumference
XS 34 83 - 88 cm 69 -74 cm 90 - 95 cm
S 36-38 89 - 94 cm 75 - 80 cm 96 - 102 cm
M 38-40 95 - 100 cm 81 - 86 cm 102 - 107 cm
L 42 101 - 106 cm 87 - 92 cm 108 - 113 cm
XL 44 107 - 112 cm 93 98 cm 114 - 119 cm
XXL 46 113 - 118 cm 99 104 cm 120 - 125 cm
3XL 48 119 - 124 cm 105 - 110 cm 126 - 131 cm