Fine silk blouses and silk dresses,
fairly and sustainably produced in Portugal

About Silk Sisters

We are Silk Sisters – a fashion label from Munich that produces and sells silk blouses and silk dresses. In our online shop we offer sustainably produced luxury quality at fair prices.
Silk Sisters Silk Blouses

Timeless design

Our designs embody timeless classics that distance themselves from the existing fast-fashion system and instead fulfil the claim of the “perfect piece”. We design silk blouses and silk dresses for you that are valuable basics in your wardrobe. That is why we do not limit ourselves to season, trend or occasion. Instead, we produce high-quality silk blouses in timeless cuts and colours that, with the right care, you can always combine with your existing wardrobe year after year.

Fair and sustainable production

Our collections are produced in small factories in Portugal and the Czech Republic. We maintain a personal and long-standing relationship with these factories and attach great importance to fair working conditions. We also support the female forces that transform our designs of silk blouses and silk dresses into high quality garments. Because the “Sisters” in our name stands for the female power behind every single garment: women determine how Silk Sisters silk blouses look – from the design to the finished product, which you can buy from us in the online shop or from numerous retailers.

Natural raw materials,
environmentally friendly processing

Our sustainable silk blouses and silk dresses are free of microplastics and tested for harmful substances. We import the high-quality, 100% pure silk fabric raw and undyed from Uwant in Chongqing – because the best silk is still produced in China. The natural elasticity of the silk blouses is created without any additives. The suppleness comes solely from the special weave called “Crêpe de Chine“. This is what makes the fabric so flexible and wonderfully supple.
Silk Sisters - Natural raw materials, environmentally friendly processing

Avoidance of overproduction

We take the issue of sustainable fashion very seriously. That’s why we only have our production partners produce quantities that we actually sell. In this way, we avoid overproduction and do not have to destroy any garments. This is only possible because we do not have our blouses and dresses mass-produced, but work with flexible partners in Europe who also produce small quantities.

Advice for care and storage of the blouses

To ensure that the sustainability of our silk blouses and silk dresses endures after they have left our house, we will be happy to advise you in detail about the right care and storage. For example, a neatly sorted wardrobe provides a better overview and thus saves time when choosing clothes every day. Also, not every item needs to be washed after being worn once. On the contrary: with silk blouses, it is often enough to hang them out in the fresh air for 1-2 hours. Wrinkled blouses or dresses will also hang out again in damp air (for example in the bathroom). Tumble dryers (energy guzzlers!) and detergents with phosphates, surfactants or microplastics are taboo. In our Silk Sisters washing instructions we show you in detail what you should pay attention to when caring for the different materials of our blouses and dresses.

Wash silk blouses correctly

It is important to us that you enjoy our silk blouses for a long time. That is why we would like to share the most important tips for the correct care of our blouses with you here (detailed care tips can be found here):
Temperature: Please wash Silk Sisters silk blouses cold at 20°C to max. 30°C. Detergent: A gentle detergent for wool & silk works well for the care of silk pieces. Always wash the whole garment. Washing cycle: You should wash a Silk Sisters silk blouse by hand or on the gentle cycle of the washing machine. Please never spin dry as this can damage the fine fabric. Drying: Our silk blouses should never be put in the dryer. Instead, carefully squeeze the silk blouse out in a towel after the wash cycle and let the material air dry, preferably lying down. Ironing: Our silk blouses can be ironed on level 2 (150° C) at the most. The blouse should be turned inside out and ironed without pressure. A steam iron is also suitable for gentle care of the blouses.
Silk Sisters - Washing silk blouses correctly
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Body Size Chart

This table refers to your body measurements, not to the dimensions of the respective article! Please also pay attention to the note “fit” in the item description. 

The actual measurements of the blouses and dresses are always at least 2 cm wider than the maximum values given in the body measurements table. Wide styles such as tunics or boxy blouses can also be much wider than the maximum value given in the body measurement chart.

Example: If your chest circumference is 97 cm, then the models in size M will fit you.

Find the right size with our Silk Sisters size guide
Blouses and dresses
This is how you measure correctly: Put the tape measure on the largest circumference, tighten the tape just enough so that it does not constrict.
A Chest circumference B Waist circumference C Hip circumference
Size Chest circumference Waist circumference Hip circumference
XS 34 83 - 88 cm 69 -74 cm 90 - 95 cm
S 36-38 89 - 94 cm 75 - 80 cm 96 - 102 cm
M 38-40 95 - 100 cm 81 - 86 cm 102 - 107 cm
L 42 101 - 106 cm 87 - 92 cm 108 - 113 cm
XL 44 107 - 112 cm 93 98 cm 114 - 119 cm
XXL 46 113 - 118 cm 99 104 cm 120 - 125 cm
3XL 48 119 - 124 cm 105 - 110 cm 126 - 131 cm